We create and design award winning energy solutions to reduce your carbon footprint as a household.

At Apex Energy our goals are to decrease your energy costs and environmental impacts which ultimately increases your bank balance.

We install and maintain on and off-grid solar systems for your home in a variety of different forms from Solar Photovoltaic, commonly known as Solar PV on rooftops you see on homes, Electric Vehicle (EV) charge-point, or a battery storage system.

Our approach

We’re here to help you solve your energy saving problems from a financial and environmental perspective. We offer industry leading advice and guidance to help you decide on the best suited technologies for your needs.

It’s our job to guide you through the design and installation process including distributor, retailer and council applications required to deliver you the best solution for your home.

Generate free and green electricity from the sun.

The cost of solar panels has fallen significantly in recent years due to decreased panel pricing.

Homeowners can now typically expect a return on their investment of 2 to 3 years.

The savings you generate can be increased by pairing your Solar PV system with a battery storage system.

Battery ready?

Due to Government rebates widely available for battery installations, the cost of installing a battery has now become an affordable option.

Installing a ‘hybrid inverter’ (battery ready) at the same time as your new solar system can dramatically reduce the cost of installing a battery in years to come.

Visit the South Australian Home Battery Scheme page here for more information.

Learn more about being off the grid here.


There is nothing more liberating and satisfying than being completely independent of the grid. – Off Grid

Our reputation

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships and always go the extra mile to make sure you have the end product you deserve.

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