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Inverter Maintenance
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Is your solar power system operating at its optimal capacity?

You’ve invested a significant amount of money in your solar power system and is important that you always make sure it is operating at its optimal capacity to you receive the returns you should.

We repair & maintain the following

  • Fault detection
  • System monitoring
  • Annual inspections & maintenance checks
  • Replacing failed or faulty inverters
  • Increasing your systems capacity or output
  • Adding battery storage
  • Insurance work

Safety check

Depending on your systems location, Apex recommended having a full system health check every 12-24 months. Our Solar Electricians can check the performance of the system, check the inverter’s connections and operation, make sure the cabling to the panels is undamaged by vermin, all whilst giving your panels a thorough clean.

Don’t ‘assume’ your system is safe and performing as it should, have it checked by one of our team and know for sure.

Call our friendly team now to book a system check or upgrade.

 Call our friendly team now

Book a system check or upgrade.