Seeking Energy Independence?

An off-Grid system is a long-term investment in your future and provides freedom from escalating power prices.

Using the right quality components is the first step towards trouble-free power delivery to your property each and every day.

System design, sizing & programming are also integral to system reliability, seamless operation, and longevity.

Apex Energy Australia are specialists in off-grid and on-grid solutions both big and small, and our battery experts will provide you with a reliable power system for years to come.

The Off-Grid- Energy Advantage

With over 21 years of experience in designing and installing off-grid systems you know you’re in good hands with Apex Energy.

Expert design

Inferior off-grid systems provide frustratingly unreliable power and a costly short system life due to poor sizing, mismatched equipment, non-compliant design, and unsafe installation. Our expert technicians ensure these pitfalls are avoided.


We understand the responsibility of providing reliable power, and being available 24/7 to troubleshoot. We value honesty and integrity in our staff, and always strive to exceed expectations.

Quality components

Make no compromises for quality when choosing your home energy system. We source from the very best so you have peace of mind when you become energy independent.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Apex Energy Australia specialise in the design, assembly & installation of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) from our base in South Australia.


BESS units are fully FAT tested before deployment and designed to be ‘plug and play’ ensuring swift installation and providing peace of mind for our customers.


The BESS generally comprise all *Australian Made* inverters, batteries; and auxiliary components, tailored to meet your project needs whilst supporting the Australian Economy.


Our BESS units are perfectly suited as generator replacements but can also be tailored as Emergency Backup, Peak Shaving & Load Shifting tools or for use in Microgrids.


Incorporate our BESS with existing or new solar PV to provide an integrated renewable energy management solution.


Our BESS are sized to meet your needs and are expandable to enable the addition of further storage to meet your future needs.


Fully insulated, temperature controlled and designed to survive the harsh Australian conditions; our BESS and teams have a proven track record of successfully deploying BESS units in remote outback Australia.


Take control of your energy management with our custom monitoring portal enabling you to monitor multiple systems from a single portal.


Designed to be modular and mobile (20ft & 40ft Containers) to enable ease of installation across Australia and swift future relocation of assets to meet your changing business needs.

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