A commercial solar system offers a range of benefits to your business.

Businesses are uniquely placed to make the most out of a commercial solar system because most business consume power during the day. Solar works best when it is consumed on site rather being exported to the grid.

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Your return on commercial investment

Falling solar prices have noticeably improved the ROI of commercial solar systems. We are now seeing systems paying themselves off in as little as two or three years. Our team can design a system and create a tailored proposal for your business based on energy consumption, time of use, system size, location and unit energy costs.

Your business’ improved
sustainability credentials

A commercial solar system shows both customers and staff of your commitment to renewable energy and sustainability. The installation of solar provides the next step in becoming a more sustainable and ethical business.

Energy stability and security

The energy generated by a commercial solar system is first consumed by the building. This provides a layer of energy security; as the power for the building is generated onsite instead of relying on the grid.

Warranty and workmanship

For peace of mind your system will feature high quality solar panels and inverters which feature ten-year minimum product warranties. Our workmanship is also warrantied for 5 years.

In depth monitoring and analysis

We provide all of our Commercial solar systems with in-depth monitoring as standard so that you can adapt your energy consumption to better suit your solar generation.

Maintenance and servicing

Our (optional) comprehensive maintenance and service program means your system will run worry free for years. Our monitoring software alerts Apex to any issues, enabling us to fix the problem often before you notice there is one.

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Quick facts about our solar system


There are currently four size categories for commercial solar. The size your business need is determined by your energy requirements and the available installation space.


  1. 0 – 30kW

Mainly installed on smaller businesses and schools, these are treated similar to a residential system and qualify for upfront discounts via the Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) scheme.


  1. 30kW – 100kW

Installed on mid-sized businesses, these systems still qualify for STCs and sometimes may need additional design and engineering work.


  1. 100kW plus

These systems don’t qualify for upfront discounts via STCs but instead use Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) which apply a ‘rebate’ by calculating the amount of energy generated each year. Our team will help you through the LGC process.


  1. Over 250kW

Systems larger than 250kW are custom designed and assessed by our in-house designers and installation team.


We work closely with your team to complete all necessary distributor, retailer & council approvals for any system we design in advance of any installation.


Roof vs Ground Mount

Most commercial roofing can accommodate enough solar to offset/take the weight of a solar PV system. Structural engineering certificates can be organised for older roofs as required.

Installing a commercial solar system on a ground mount can be costly. The construction of the ground mounted structures adds to the cost of the build. However, the additional electricity generated (due to optimal orientation and mounting pitch) can mitigate these costs.



For businesses that require power in the evening, or protection from power cuts, battery storage is now a viable option. Once a very expensive investment, more and more commercial battery options are being introduced which are an affordable & reliable emergency power backup for your business.

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